Sunday, October 21, 2007


We celebrated Dassera today, which is a festival during Navratri where machines and equipment used in the workplace as well as children’s school books are decorated with flowers and pujas are performed to ask for blessings of these objects.

We had an early start this Sunday, performing pujas at both clinics and at home. I've posted pictures on my facebook account, but for my Mom who's dying to see me wear a sari, here are a few pictures:

There ya go mom, enjoy! :)


Sapana said...

Dude, you look fantastic! That Carolina blue really suits you and with your hair down it's absolutely perfect. You've made mom very, very proud and happy. Take care!

And publish more often! Please!

Saket said...

holy CRAP you're wearing a sari

looks great!

and scary

Mom said...

Wow, you look just beautiful! Like Sapana says I am so happy and proud of you that finally you wore a sari. Was it difficult to handle? Maybe you should get couple of blouses stiched while you are there. You look awesome.

Sachi said...

Thanks for the compliments! Really Saket, scary? :)

The sari was actually much easier to wear than I thought and quite comfortable.

Malan Mami's blouses fit me well, only the chuni is a bit short. We can see about maybe getting a blouse stitched when you come Mom.